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Know Yourself. Use Astrology to discover who you are and where it is you're going.


"I have consulted with Judi over many years regarding all major life decisions: She is a trusted, gifted, caring professional with the utmost integrity.

Judi is the best astrologer you will find - hands down!. Due to her years of experience, clients will benefit from her wealth of knowledge and skill. By analyzing one’s chart she can focus on the area of concern and work with you to reach your goals. You will also understand why there may be issues and how to work with the situation and consequently you will learn and grow as an individual.

How does that work? Using astrology she can - for instance - look at the best times as two when one might want to start a business, change careers ..or get married.

I have consulted with her on all of these decisions and I am always grateful for
her advice.

When you start to work with Judi, you will find out very quickly what an incredible person she is and how lucky you are to have found her!"
D. R., Berlin, Germany

Consultation Sessions*

Basic Astrology Reading
Know yourself! This 60-minute conversation introduces you to the planetary map that is your birth chart. The planets, the sun, the moon and their positions in the sky when you were born made a profound psycho-spiritual imprint upon you. You’ll learn what “the stars say” about your Life Purpose, your talents, your challenges and your preferences. A forecast of cosmic weather for 12-18 months will be included. Topics such as self-development, love, work, money and health will be covered.
Available in person, by phone or Skype.
$125 for one hour.
The “Machine Code” – Uranian Astrology

Dig Deeper. This incisive technique allows me to “drill down” and discover what really makes you tick. If you view the birth chart as a computer’s operating system, the information we glean through Uranian Astrology is the machine code. Why are you here? What will you be remembered for? What health challenges might you have? How can you best combine your passion and your talents? All these questions and more can be addressed during this session.

$125 for one hour.
Basic Reading + “Machine Code” Reading: 90 minutes, $225.

Private Video Reading

Get a Quick Read. Whether you’re in a hurry or just want a brief glimpse at what an astrologer can do, the Private Video Reading is a way to get some of the answers you need. You give me your birth information, you ask me one or two questions, I look at your chart, you get a 5-7 minute long reading that will be posted privately on YouTube, where only you and I can see it.

$19.95 for 5-7 minutes
Email for details.
Pick The Date

You might ask, “If astrology has such a big effect on us, does that mean we should plan big moves in our lives for certain dates or times?” The answer is…OF COURSE! Give me your options (up to 5 possible dates and times) and I’ll look at the best moments for your wedding, incorporation, new job start date and more.

$75 for 30 minutes (2-3 possible dates/times)
$125 per hour (up to 5 possible dates/times)

Compatibility Reading

Do you Match? Is this the love of your life? Should you move in together? How can you improve your relationship? Is this person the right business partner? How can you relate better to your in-laws or neighbors? How can you manage your relationship with your child? The Compatibility Reading offers you the opportunity to compare your chart with those of key people in your life to see how you get along, why you get along, and how you can get along even better! Either or both partners may attend. It is always best to have that other person’s permission to study how you match.

$75 for 30 minutes
$125 per hour
The Planets of Your Precious One

Do you have a new baby in your life? Let’s look at the baby’s astrology chart and get some ideas about what will help you bring out the best of the child’s talents. Suggestions on how to soothe a baby, what their learning style might be, which books, toys and games to offer, what activities will interest them can come from understanding the astrology map of your precious child’s life. If your child isn’t a baby anymore, I can look at charts of children up to the age of 18 – after that, their permission is required!

$75 for 30 minutes
$125 per hour

Pets and the Planets

Your relationship with your pet can be enhanced by understanding the astrology-related dynamics between you and your furry friends. A rough idea of the pet’s birth information is helpful, but if you don’t have it, we can look at your chart to see what role your pet plays in your life, and how you can mutually offer strength and support as you share unconditional love.

$50 for 30 minutes
Four-Pillar Chinese Astrology

No matter what animal in the Chinese Zodiac you might be, there is a complex interaction of elements in your make-up that motivate you and help you chart your life. This technique has the advantage of showing the Life Cycles, 10-year periods that put focus on areas of life where our greatest advantages can be found. Compatibility can also be analyzed using this method. Extra charges apply.

$75 for 30 minutes

* These sessions are by private arrangement. Other options, available through agents and other venues, are subject to different pricing.